This is where I describe you - the person that accesses my support -  'Perennial Coach' services;

Where you are at, what you might want to change and what you hope to gain from the experience.

Perhaps one or more of these scenarios apply to you;

* you are at the point in life where you just know something needs to change

* you are reflecting on the dreams and plans made before children/marriage/career and wondering...

* you want a different job - more challenging/less challenging/more money/a whole new career

* you want to change your house/change your decor/upsize/downsize/move 

* you need to change something about your relationships/relationship pattern/have a relationship/leave 

* you want to get fit/lose weight/be more healthy

* you want to do something different but you just don't know what that is

* you'd like to have an adventure before "it's too late"   Note: I believe IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

* you want to have some fun/laugh more often

* you might want all of the above or none of the above

* you don't know what you want and that's half the 'problem'

So these are some of the questions I might ask you... 

How's your journey been so far...

Where are you heading...

What do you need to pack....

How you will know when you have arrived....

And that will be the start of our conversation, after that anything is possible...


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