Hello again,

So you've probably read About Me and About You and you're thinking you would like to find out more.  

Q How does the process work?

A Send me an email via my connect page - or book a 15 minute FREE chat - tell me a little about yourself and what you think you would like to change.  This will start our first conversation.

Q Then what happens?

A If we think we would like to work together we will arrange to meet either face to face over a coffee or via Skype/Zoom or another web based program 

Q And then what happens?

A We will put a plan together to get you where you want to be.  Start with small steps and work towards making that idea or plan or dream become a reality.

Q How long will it take?

A That's up to you - it could be a week, a month or a year - we will work at your pace to get where you want to be.  And we WILL get there.

Q How often will we have contact?

A As often as you need to.  We will negotiate this as we go.  I will keep in contact with you by phone, (text and calls), email, and face to face time.

Q How much will it cost?

A Our first email conversation or online chat is FREE.  When you are ready to engage me as your Perennial Coach the fee structure will be packaged to suit your plans. Some examples for you to consider:

Initial meeting allow about an hour to an hour and a half  - fee $140.  This is where we will discuss your story and the changes you are thinking about, talk through plans and time-frames.

Over the next weeks/months you can anticipate regular contact with me.  If you live locally we will have contact via email, texts, phone-calls and where possible face to face meetings.  If distance is a physical barrier we will  meet via Skype/Zoom, with contact via email and messenger.  If we work together for a month it might be something like two meetings, weekly emails and three or four messages a week. A month's plan working together would be around $400.

If we work on a plan over a longer period say three months, six months or a year you could anticipate around   $500, $900, $1500 respectively.

This is an estimate only - every person will have different needs.  Some of you will start to make those changes after a coffee (real or virtual) an email and a couple of follow up calls/messages.  Some of you will need more support and encouragement along the journey.

When thinking about how much you might spend on making these changes think about how much you spend now on other activities - Gym membership?  Hobbies and sporting Interests? Massage therapy? Hair and Beauty?   All these activities are important for health and well-being.

Now ask yourself - how much is making those changes you have dreamed of worth?  

When you really want to change something, with encouragement, I believe anything is possible...book a time with me to chat now. 


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