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This is where I tell you a little bit about myself as a Registered Provider of Disability Support Services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

I am an independent service provider which means I work for myself rather than an organisation.  I have broad experience in supporting clients and families with barriers to being able to get employment and/or get the most they can from social and education environments.  I have been working in schools, TAFE and the University for many years and also in Government agencies like Centrelink and Veterans Affairs.  Before I was a Social Worker, which I've been for 25 years now, I was employed in many different jobs like hospitality, retail, automotive and aquaculture (that's just a few of them!).  I occasionally still work in hospitality when my friend needs staff because I love the people contact and I love food and coffee.

I describe myself as  providing "a holistic approach to coordinating services to meet the individual needs of my clients, by listening to them and their Carers and then working with them to find the best fit in support services available under NDIS funded plans" (that's way too long a sentence I know).  This means I look at your whole life circumstances - your family needs, your social needs, your health and what you need to have the best life you can.  I meet with my clients on a regular basis to help them work out which strategies are best meeting their goals and where necessary I advocate for my clients and liaise with them and other service providers to adjust service delivery to better meet the needs of my clients.


One of the supports I provide is helping clients and their Carers locate suitable support services.  When it might help to have me there, I can attend meetings to discuss service delivery including hours, costs and how regular feedback will happen.  I can explain processes and help clients with literacy and numeracy challenges to understand their NDIS Plans.  This approach helps clients with barriers to being comfortable engaging in Disability Support Services such as clients with autism, anxiety, depression and/or other mental health issues, by supporting them to discuss these barriers with service providers.  


I am also a parent of a young adult with a disability and my personal experience as a Carer accessing services funded by the NDIS has encouraged me to register as a Provider so I can support other Carers and people with disabilities to get the best support available.

My girl and I 

My girl and I 


If you are interested in reading more about me or want to know more about my qualifications have a look at my other pages on this website and perhaps read my blog.  


You can contact me here.  Please email me with any questions....

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