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Thank you for visiting my web page.  This is where I tell you a bit about myself...

Where have I come from...

You know the saying, "life is about the journey not the destination",  I think it's about both.

Sometimes it's not until you arrive in a place that feels great do you appreciate the journey you undertook to get there. 

I'm a perennial woman with many decades of life experience.  I've been employed in many occupations from hospitality, retail, car detailing and scallop splitting  (I wasn't very good at the latter) to fashion, marketing, advertising and office work...I've also been married more than once and made many decisions I have reflected at length on.

After I had my first child as a single parent I knew I needed to change the direction my life was heading in so I went to University, became my version of a responsible adult and embarked on a professional career.

Since then I've been using what I've learned through life experience and study to help people nurture their potential.

People's capacity to grow and change and move forward never ceases to amaze me.

One of the many beliefs that was reinforced while I was on leave from my job in 2013 was; what I love most is engaging with people who want to change some aspect of their lives.

Whether a small change or a huge change - that's what inspires and excites me - people's capacity to change when they really want to.

When I came home from "my Italian adventure" as I refer to that time, I took another leaf out of my own book and created a Facebook Page 'My Change Agent', this was the first step following my dream and next came my web page. Recently I have taken another step and changed my focus to working with perennial women like myself.  I changed my Facebook page to 'Perennial Coach' and feel so excited to be working with women who are finding their courage, being vulnerable and making the absolute most of their imperfect lives. 

Where am I heading...

With a over twenty-five years in consulting, training, counselling plus my own relationships and life experience, I'm taking everything I've learned about people (including myself) and I'm sharing it with anyone who wants to explore possibilities, discuss ideas, follow a different path.

I am on a journey too.  I'm about to step further into the online space with a new Private Facebook Group, a program #KickstartChange and online appointments available in 2018.  The possibilities are endless and fluid.  Let's talk, listen and share ideas and enthusiasm...together.    




My loyal but sometimes badly behaved Harry and I

My loyal but sometimes badly behaved Harry and I


Why would you accept a lift with me...

Think of me as a supportive colleague or (paid) friend.  A neutral sounding board who will gently challenge your ideas and motivate you when you lose energy. Someone who will keep you accountable to your goals.  

Yes, I have professional qualifications.

Yes, I am a member of a professional body.

Yes, I practice what I preach.  

The door's open, what are you waiting for...


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